Day 9

Doing the practice, really doing it with all of my attention and all of my intention is the only thing that works. Evolutionary Enlightenment only makes sense in an absolute context which means when you are actually practicing it for real. It doesn’t apply at all to the relative world in which I am always trying to practice, but never actually am.

The mind cannot “relate to” an absolute context..  That means that anything the mind thinks about enlightenment or about the absolute nature of reality will be, by definition,




absolutely wrong…

…not true, without exception, guaranteed, it can’t know the absolute, end of story.

That means all of my interpretations of the path and all of my interpretations of Andrew Cohen’s meditation instructions are wrong, wrong, wrong. His instructions are totally simple and crystal clear.

Sit still.

Be as relaxed as possible.

Be as alert as possible.

If you find yourself lost in thought, just come back to the instructions – doing the practice for real, really wanting to go all the way, never stopping, no matter what joy or bliss you feel.

Never allow yourself to be tempted away from giving all of your attention and all of your energy to letting everything be as it is.

That is when the practice has power.

That is when something can happen.

Only then.


Insight from meditation:

Passivity is death.

 I’ve gotten so used to being passive in life that I hardly notice it. I’m almost always waiting for things to happen to me.

What about my own commitment to making something happen?

Will any thing ever happen if I’m passive about it?

Passivity is the enemy.

               Passivity is the ego.

                              Passivity is waiting to die.

When I really make effort to follow the instructions something starts to happen. Depth appears out of nowhere and the heavy sleepiness disappears.

Why not be free, why not?