This blog is based on excerpts from journal entries that I wrote during a two month long meditation retreat under the guidance of my spiritual teacher, Andrew Cohen. That retreat was conducted after a year of intensive spiritual work.


June 25, 2001 was the day before the retreat was to start the retreat that was originally intended for one month, but stretched into two in the end. My journal entry for that day reads simply:


A one-month long retreat starts tomorrow. Unbelievable! after everything that’s happened, and all the work that Andrew (Cohen) has done with us.  The retreat will start at 4:00 am and go until 11:00 pm every day. It’s been over two years since I was on a long, silent retreat, this is great. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity.


Those of us who participated on this retreat spent our days in silence and spiritual practice and many of us maintained journals during that time. The entries that you will read in this blog have been excerpted from the journal that I kept. As with most spiritual journal writing it contains some combination of awakened insight, passionate declaration, poetic imagery and open-ended questions.


In each blog post I will add commentary about the journal entry for that day and I will refer directly and indirectly to some of the most fundamental concepts of the spiritual teaching that I practice, Evolutionary Enlightenment.





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